Kendra Minadeo


Hi There!

Hi There!

I'm Kendra Minadeo, and I'm an illustrator based in Los Angeles, CA.

I grew up in the wintry tundra of Alberta, Canada on an acreage with skinny poplar trees, satellite TV and no one to play with. So naturally I read books ravenously, drew pictures and had imaginary unicorn friends. As I entered kindergarten, I proclaimed that when I grew up I was going to be an artist. My mother approved.

I've worked in a variety of art forms from theatre and film to theme park design but illustration has always been at my core. I find inspiration in tender human moments, big feelings, vintage children's books, and history. I love to draw people, characters, and critters and my work would enjoy being on greeting cards, stationary, wall art, magazines and books.

Thank you for stopping by!