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Hi Friends, 

Our waitlist is currently full.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will re-open the list once we are able.

Thank you for your patience.

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Kendra Minadeo



To get started: Give this a read then email me to discuss your commission.


My Process

To create each piece I will often do 3-4 iterations through sketches and colors tests then the final watercolor. I prefer to be given as much free reign as possible once we have discussed the concept, size and exchanged reference images. I will send sketches to keep you updated on progress. Replies like “Yay!” and “OMG!” are always welcome. 

My Style

Most of my watercolors are inspired by pop culture and adorableness—My best work is expressed through cheerful moments and whimsical mischief. I try to make each piece joyful and fun in content, composition and color. These things make me happy and I hope they make you happy too!

The Waitlist

Getting on the waitlist is simple, just reach out with your commission idea and I will put your name down. Once your turn comes, full payment will be due upfront before starting work.

Wait Times

Depending on demand, commissions can take 2-4 months per commission order, and sometimes longer. If this is a gift, please plan ahead. Your patience is appreciated. 

Sizing & Prices

Please note that these are starting prices and subject to change depending on the complexity of the commission. Prices below are for the most common sizes, but if you want a particular size let me know and I will do my best to accommodate. Please Note: To help keep commission prices down, Kendra Minadeo Retains the Rights to make prints of any and all commissions, unless otherwise agreed upon.

5x5 pieces start at $100 USD/per. for 1-2 Characters

5x7 pieces start at $125 USD/per. for 1-2 Characters

8x10 pieces start at $175 USD/per. for 1-2 Characters

10x10 pieces start at $225 USD/per. for 1-2 Characters

11x14 pieces start at $350 USD/per. for 1-2 Characters

11x17 pieces start at $500 USD/per. for 1-2 Characters

Add Ons

$15 USD/per additional full sized Character

$10 USD/per small Character

Cost Examples

Totoro & Friends

Size: 8x10 

Subject: Totoro + Catbus + 2 little spirit friends

Cost: $175 + $10(x2) = $195~ Depending on Complexity + Shipping Costs


Size: 10x10 

Subject: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man + 4 Ghost Busters + Slimer

Cost $225 + $15(x4) + $10(x1) = $295~ Depending on Complexity + Shipping Costs 

Payment Options

Once your turn comes and price is confirmed, full payment will be due upfront before starting work. Payment can be submitted one of two ways: 

  1. (this option offers payment protection, the fee for this service of is 2.97% and will need to be added to the total cost)
  2. Paypal "Friends and Family" to (there is no fee for this option)


All art is safely packaged in a protective sleeve with sturdy backing to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. Shipped through USPS first class or priority mail with tracking, insurance and delivery confirmation.

Kind Words

"I can’t resist the combination of watercolors and adorableness and therefore can’t resist the work of Kendra Minadeo... The watercolors give her work a dreamy, storybook look that makes them extra precious." - Amy Ratcliffe ( Article)  

“So adorable! I want more!” - B. Boban

“[My Wall-E] just arrived! I love it, and I HAD to get it in a frame ASAP. Thanks again!!” - E. McCallum

“Hero Complex’s latest release is inspired by the Disney and Pixar movie Wall-E and is a stunningly cute set by artist Kendra Minadeo.” -

“Totally worth every penny, and probably more than I paid. Fantastic stuff, as always :)” - B. Boban (Repeat Client)

"AMAZING!!! Not only is the [Team Avatar] art great (and I was one of the LUCKY ones to get the extra print) but the packaging & shipping were great too!!! Shipped quick with little notes and stamps on it... pretty great little touch." J. Warden


Unless otherwise agreed upon, Kendra Minadeo retains the rights to make prints of any and all commissions.