Kendra Minadeo



Sleepytime Portraits

Sleep habits are different for every family.           Co-sleeping babies can command a king size bed. Some pets don’t just want to sleep with you, they want to sleep on you. You're the big spoon, they’re the little spoon. Maybe your partner is a blanket hog and sleeps with a stuffed manatee because, well, they’re adorable.

Every sleep situation is unique and personal, and I'm here because I thought sleepy time portraits would be the best way to capture families in a fun and unique way. If you like my work and you like my style I'd love to paint your family! 

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Take it with you...

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With Society6, I am able to experiment with fun new illustrations made specifically for products without having to keep an inventory on hand. It's the best!

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Pop Culture Prints & Pins

Featuring my pop culture limited edition prints, originals and enamel pins, my HelloitsQuokka etsy shop is where all my fandom art lives.